Favorite Diet

Diet Favorite attracts by its simplicity and accessibility. No counting of calories and exotic foods! Select the one most suitable to you diet and get rid of 15 pounds in just a week!

Inexpensive and very effective, diet Favorite lives up to its name – it is among the most popular methods for quick weight loss, allowing for a week to lose from 7 to 15 kg, depending on which option is selected. However, the result also depends on the amount of "extra pounds" — if your weight is not too different from the norm, from 10 kg you most likely will not be able to get rid of, the difference in weight before and after the diet will be only 3-4 kg.

favorite diet


Dietary methodology "Favorite" is 7, 10, 12, 14, 21 and 30 days on the same type of products that are interleaved in a specific pattern. It includes drinking, protein, vegetables, fruit days. To rearrange them or replace the products listed in the menu, is not permitted. Everything else except put in the day is prohibited. You need to eat often, every 2-3 hours, to prevent the occurrence of severe famine, it is not limited to — permitted product you can eat all you want.

Throughout the course of the diet is recommended to drink plenty of water – not counting liquid foods, about 2 liters per day. It is not desirable to drink water during meals – it will reduce the effect of gastric juice and slows the digestive process. Best to drink in between meals, and small doses, no more than a third of a Cup at a time.

Mechanism of action

The results of studies conducted by scientists of the clinic European Aesthetic Centre, showed that the greatest effect for weight loss give mono a duration of about a day. This result can be explained by the sharp increase of metabolism caused by daily food "stress".

Power system Favorite causes the body every day to rebuild the modes of processing of food received, while its energy consumption increased. In addition, all foods allowed in the diet system, have low energy value and do not provide the daily requirement of your body. This is the reason burning lipid reserves.

Prohibited products

At the time of compliance with the dietary regime salt and sugar added to food is impossible. With the exception of extended options for three and four weeks, but then the amount of salt is very limited, and the sugar is replaced with honey. Prohibited products include sour cream, mayonnaise and animal fats. Alcohol is not permitted, except wine, which is the basis of the diet of one day diet.


This method of weight loss has serious dietary restrictions and therefore cannot be used if you have certain health problems. Absolute contraindications to it are:

  • infectious diseases in acute form;
  • a tendency to syncope (a swoon hungry);
  • some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, colitis, peptic ulcer);
  • the liver and kidneys;
  • hypotension (low blood pressure);
  • serious cardiovascular disease;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • the children's age.
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Options Favorite diet for 7, 10 and 12 days can be repeated after 3 months. Two, three and four week options are available for weight loss only once a year: their regime is very strict and constant adjustment of the digestive system cause the body to work in a stressful mode. Another condition for the use of prolonged power systems on a mono diet is the absence of health problems. Not to cause harm to the body, before use, be sure to consult your doctor.

Common diet methods diet includes all the necessary products, but on the days he is not balanced. To prevent deficiency of micronutrients in the body during dieting it is recommended to take any vitamin-mineral complexes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Judging from the many reviews losing weight, the advantages of the diet Favorite include:

  1. Performance — the effect of diet does not need to wait many days, he is seen immediately: the eyes disappear excess weight, decrease waist and hips.
  2. The simplicity and accessibility — all dishes are easy, inexpensive products for them.
  3. The variety of the menu — by using mono you know how hard it is not to break the diet when in the day menu features dishes from a single ingredient, and especially if he belongs to the unloved. Here the products are changing every day, therefore, to carry the diet is relatively easy.
  4. By limiting diet the stomach gets used to the small portions of food, its volume is reduced, which will help to maintain the results achieved.
  5. Diet promotes active detoxification, improved skin condition and hair.

As with all diet programs, diet Favorite not devoid of disadvantages:

  1. The body, constantly moving from one product to another, is subjected to quite considerable loads, so combine this diet with big physical activity should not be – some days a person can feel weakness and apathy.
  2. Because peristalsis of the intestine and urinary system start to work harder diet it is better to use the period when you do not want long travel or regular travel from home or office.


7 days

The diet plan includes drinking three a day, one vegetable, one fruit, one protein and one mixed. There are two 7-day a diet: the first gentle, the second hard.


It allows you to lose 7-8 kg. 1, 3, 6 days of drinking. It is very difficult, but most effective for weight loss day when you are only allowed a liquid diet:

  • not carbonated mineral water;
  • unsweetened tea;
  • skim milk, kefir or yogurt;
  • lean meat or vegetable broth without salt;
  • freshly prepared juices half diluted with water.

2nd day-vegetable. Within it you can eat only vegetables – raw, boiled, grilled, baked in the oven. It is especially recommended to "lean" on the cabbage – it gives fat burning effect. Salting foods can not, you can use spices, lemon juice and vegetable oil (no more than 30-40 grams. a day). The recommended portion of food at one time – 300 g during the day you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water.

4th – fruit. Allowed to eat up to 3 pounds of any fruit, with the exception of containing a very large amount of sugar, grapes and bananas. And most of all the benefits of green apples and pineapples – they have a lot of pectin, cleanses the intestines and reduces the feeling of hunger. Drinking regime of the former – at least 1.5 liters of water.

5th – protein. His diet consists of egg whites, boiled chicken or fish fillet, low-fat cheeses and cottage cheese, soy, beans and nuts. Dishes are prepared without salt and spices. Pure water in an amount of 1.5 liters and this day is not cancelled.

7th – mixed. The menu for it is almost "normal", it can be combined with products that were permitted in previous days. We should not forget about normal drinking regime.

striping products

The rotation of products in the diet for 21 days

  • 1-3 day liquid food. Allowed tea (sometimes with a spoon of honey), meat or vegetable broth, freshly made juices, milk and kefir with fat content of 2.5%. As a Supplement to the daily ration of drinking block included 200 gr. low-fat cheese and a glass of fruit or milk jelly.
  • 4-6 — cellulose, pectin. The sources of these nutrients are vegetables. As in the classical scheme, they can be eaten raw, boiled, broiled, but "LP" three-week diet can dishes such as vegetable burgers or pancakes, vegetables in batter protein. For cooking you can use lemon juice, hot spices vegetable oil (30-50 g).
  • 7-9 — fruits and berries. The emphasis is on green apples, you can eat them in any form: raw, mashed, baked with honey and cinnamon. From other fruits and berries preference is desirable to give contains a minimum of calories oranges, kiwi, strawberries and raspberries. Fruits and berries, you can prepare salads, dressed with yogurt, fruit, sandwiches, smoothies, fruit drinks, kissels, jelly.
  • 10-12 – meat. Lean beef, chicken, Turkey or rabbit can be boiled, broiled or baked. Salt it is advisable not to use and not hot spices (Basil, ginger, cardamom, herbes de Provence, a delicate curry) – you can.
  • 13-15 – proteins. The diet consists of lean fish, steamed or baked in foil with vegetables, and the sources of vegetable protein — soy, peas, beans, nuts. The first course can serve fish soup or vegetable soup with fish balls.
  • 16-18 — wine and cheese. The number of wine – optional, instead you are allowed the juice of pomegranate daily rate of not more than 0.5 liters. Cheese of the day you can eat about 300 grams. These peculiar handling days comfortably tolerated, the great famine is usually not felt.
  • 19-21 days is the combination of all the menus. After "alcoholic" block of diet, in the last three days you can eat all the foods allowed in the previous diets. This way you will be able to smoothly transfer your body to a normal diet.


Even for a seven to ten day diet Favorite, where the allowed list of dishes is very limited, the daily ration can be varied. In vegetable and fruit days, you can do assorted salads, purees and juices, and protein to cook roast or steam the chops. When using 2 -, 3-and 4-week options, you can cook a full, delicious and satisfying meals and lose weight with pleasure.

Fish meatballs

From fish fillet to make minced meat, add finely chopped onion, a bit of black bread, a little salt, mix well and form large balls. Put into a form, add a tablespoon of vegetable oil, add water or tomato juice, sprinkle with dill. Cook it in the oven or microwave.

Stewed cabbage with meat

Cabbage to chop. Pieces of lean beef a little salt, season delicate curry, stew until soft in vegetable oil. Then mix with cabbage and chopped onion, add a little water and cook on low heat for about half an hour.

Belarusian soup

Cut small cubes of chicken, potatoes, peppers, and onions. Cover with water and cook until tender. Before you remove the pan from the fire, a thin stream, stirring, pour in the soup, the egg and a little salt. Serve with greens. Serving soup need 0.5 liters of water, 1 small potato, 1 onion, half a bell pepper, a piece of carrot.

Pea cream soup

The peas soak in water for 2-3 hours, then cook until soft. At the end of cooking, add grated carrots and a pinch of turmeric. Cool, grind in a blender. Serve with dill.

Zucchini squash

Grate zucchini on a grater, after removing the peel. To cook in its own juice for about half an hour, not forgetting to stir, cool slightly and RUB through a sieve. Onion and some grated carrot sauté with a small amount of sunflower oil, mix with the squash puree and simmer for 5 minutes, adding a little salt.

Hot sandwich with meat and cheese

On a slice of bread put a generous piece of boiled meat and a few slices of marinated cucumber, top cover with a thin layer of cheese. Place for a few minutes in the microwave or oven. Cheese should melt, but do not spread.

baked apples

Apples baked with cinnamon and honey

Wash apples, remove the core and trim the top. Peel clear is not necessary. Mix a spoonful of honey with ground cinnamon and pour inside apples. Cover the form with foil, put in it the apples, bake in the oven for about half an hour. Serve chilled.

Fruit salad with yogurt

Peeled apples, kiwi and tangerines cut into small cubes. Fruit put the mixture in a bowl, pour low-fat yogurt and decorate with shredded orange peel.

Fruit skewer peacock

Pears, peaches, kiwi, pineapple cut into large cubes, dry with a towel and put on, alternating, on wooden or plastic skewers. Half of the orange to put a cut down on dish – this will be the base for canapés. Skewers of fruit to stick the sharp end of an orange, hoping that they are located symmetrically.

Out of the diet

With any diet system should go right. The main principles of the output:

  1. Save the result — energy value of the diet recommended daily to increase no more than 50 calories.
  2. Not to overload the gastrointestinal tract with a sharp transition to the regular menu, complemented with other products preferably every few days.
  3. Do not abruptly increase physical activity, the intensity and duration of training should increase gradually.

The beginning of the transition to the normal power mode after Favorite diet is her last day, the diet which is very wide. The same diet it is advisable to adhere to a week, and then another month to refrain from high-calorie foods, limit the rate of salt, drink plenty of water.